Woman shocked by Ryanair customer service after sister’s death

A WINDSOR woman has shared her frustrations about Ryanair’s customer services since her sister died earlier this year.

Natasha Wakefield, of Windsor, has described her whole experience in dealing with the airline company has been “absolutely awful”.

Her sister, who died on March 21, had booked a holiday through Ryanair and Ms Wakefield has been trying to get the money back for it since Sunday, April 10.

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“I can’t believe how shocking Ryanair has been, how they handle this situation is awful,” she said.

“I now know why Ryanair are the worst for customer service,” she said.

“It’s already been very difficult having to deal with my sister’s death and I’m going through an emotional time so being pass around by different team members is just frustrating when I’m just trying to get my sister’s money back.

“I just wish they would have a dedicated bereavement team for people who are in a similar position as me, or not just a whole team but just someone who can understand the situation you’re in.”

Ms Wakefield added when dealing with the Ryanair customer services team she has tried to reach out on Twitter and sent multiple emails.

“I’ve had to chase the complaints team so many times and have now spoken to four different staff members,” she added.

“I just want to make others aware of how the company has dealt with this whole issue,” she added.

After a number of weeks, Ryanair staff have now confirmed with Ms Wakefield they are sending her a cheque in the post to refund her the money.

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But Ms Wakefield said she wanted to raise awareness of her experience with Ryanair on how hard it has been to get through to someone.

When questioned by the Observer on how the airline deals with bereavement enquiries, the Ryanair media team declined to publicly comment.

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