Wishing all our readers a safe and peaceful Christmas

AS THEY say, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year.

The festive season brings with it many magical moments of communities sharing love and kindness among friends and family.

The importance of togetherness has never become so evident than in recent years, and 2022 has brought with it the need to make the most of every little moment.

Cost of living continues to prove a challenge for many households and may mean that Christmas for many could be slightly different this year.

But one thing that doesn’t need to change is being able to spend the season with loved ones and making memories. Whether that is side by side with family and friends on Christmas day or by sharing love and kindness from afar.

And for those who can’t be at home celebrating the moment, a special shout out to those who are busy working today in order to keep us all safe and enjoying the holidays from the comfort of our front rooms.

From us at the newspaper we would like to wish all our readers a very safe and peaceful Christmas.

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