Windsor nightclub could see booze license blocked by angry residents

FEARS over anti-social behaviour and vomiting have triggered a hearing for a Windsor nightclub’s booze license application.

Owners of the ATIK nightclub on 19 William Street, Windsor, have applied for a new alcohol and music license.

They want to license two rooms in the venue, the main and small room, and open them at 11am, close at 3:30am and serve booze and play music and films indoors until three in the morning in the main venue every day.

According to the report, these licensable hours and conditions are the same as their previous license – which expired.

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A licensing sub-committee hearing was triggered after nine objections from Windsor residents, urging councillors on the board to either refuse or reduce the proposed hours.

Neighbours and nearby businesses raised concerns of the “drunken behaviour” the club’s customers – with some saying they have seen public urination, vomiting, and littering, as well as fighting and shouting in the streets.

One resident “ferociously” objected, saying: “The late-night revellers who used to frequent “ATIK” had no regard whatsoever for the residents of any of the properties, numerous flats, on William Street.

“Often screaming and shouting, before and after, entering the venue, which was a common occurrence.

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“Then sadly, when the venue closed there was a ritual of shouting, vomiting, sometimes scuffles, and most often urinating/vomiting in the street.

“This occasionally transposed itself into our residential private hallway as young party-goers sought refuge in our outside porch, hallway, and bin area.”

Others pointed out since lockdown gripped the UK and forced businesses to close, some residents have said they had “no sleepless nights” or disturbances from the nightclub.

Members on the licensing panel sub-committee will convene Friday, July 2, to determine ATIK nightclub’s fate.

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