Windsor Castle crowned as UK’s best tourist attraction

WINDSOR Castle has been crowned as the UK’s best attraction for a day out.

Researchers from maintenance brand Prestone have crunched the data to compare all UK castles, palaces and National Heritage sites.

For each destination, the data looked at average monthly weather temperature, rainfall, visitor rating scores and Google search interest to give the ultimate index of where to go on your next trip out.

And Windsor Castle has made it in the top 10 best tourist attractions ranking highly for Google searches and low average rainfall.

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Blenheim Palace and the Tower of London clinched the top spots as Britain’s best heritage attractions, ranking highly for their overall rating.

Attractions in southeast England out-performed those in other parts of the country – mainly thanks to their reliable summer weather.

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In fact, no attractions in northern England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland made the top 10, despite such destinations been renowned for their rich history and culture.

That’s all down to the weather, with higher average rainfall and lower average temperatures affecting scoring.

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