Warning to Slough as evil scammers offer ‘Covid vaccine’

Vile scammers are using a fake offer of the Covid vaccine to get personal banking details from victims.

Slough Borough Council’s trading standards manager Russell Denney-Clarke is warning residents about a text message scam pretending to be from the NHS asking people to ‘sign up’ to get the vaccine.

The link in the text message sends the receiver through to an ‘application form’ which requests personal information and bank card details in order to register for the vaccine.

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Mr Denney-Clarke said: “This site, purporting to be an application form from the NHS for the Covid vaccine looks official but it is not – it is a scam which is aiming to get bank details from unsuspecting people.

“Do not click on links if you receive a text message like this. Check official websites for the latest information like the NHS or the government websites and do independent research.”

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No one is required to register for the Covid vaccination programme – people eligible for the vaccine will be contacted by their GP surgery when it is their turn.

Mr Denney-Clarke added: “These scammers prey on people’s fears or in this case their wishes to receive a vaccine as soon as possible; they are heartless and have no problems with robbing people who fall for their methods.

“Please spread the word about this scam, in particular to those who may be more vulnerable to being taken in. There is no shame in falling for these scams; they look professional and look official and it is only by raising awareness of them that we can stop their effectiveness.”

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