Van gets stuck under low Burnham bridge

A van got stuck under a low bridge in Burnham, causing traffic delays.

Police were called to the bridge in Station Road, on Friday evening after a white van became lodged underneath, preventing any other traffic from passing through.

The low bridge – which is covered in signs warning drivers in tall vehicles to steer clear – can only let through vehicles that are 2.5 metres or less in height.

After some time, the van was eventually released and the road was reopened on Friday night.


In a post on social media, Thames Valley Police stated that the ‘sheepish’ driver had been reported for a suspected act of driving without due care and attention.

The force added that the driver even had a height indicator in their van – leaving no excuse for the mistake.

This is not the first time the bridge has been blocked by a vehicle in recent times – in October, a Waitrose delivery van got wedged in the underpass.

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On that occasion, serious damage was done to the van, with the back section ripped off as the cab passed underneath the bridge.

Similar instances have also occurred in February 2020 and January 2019 – despite there being multiple ‘low bridge’ warnings along the road.

Plenty of people who live in the area have become sick of the constant disruption caused by stuck vehicles, and some took to social media to air their frustrations.

One said: “Can’t believe how often this happens at this bridge.”

Another added: “It’s unreal how often this bridge is struck.”

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