The 5 dogs looking for forever homes at Dogs Trust Newbury

MANY loveable dogs at Dogs Trust Newbury are looking for their forever homes.

If you think you could rehome one of these four-legged creatures then go to for full contact details and to find out more.

You can also donate money to the charity to help it carry on its rescue work by visiting the same website.

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Slough Observer:

Annie is a gorgeous eight-year-old Akita dog who loves her food.

This loveable mutt is looking for an adult only home in a quiet area. Ideally, she would benefit from owners who have breed experience.

Slough Observer:

Boris – This bouncy Dogue de Bordeaux came into the rescue centre through no fault of his own.

Boris does have hip and elbow dysplasia meaning that his exercise will need to be managed and ideally, he will need a home where he does not need to go upstairs.

Slough Observer:

Farley – Bulldog cross Shar-Pei Farley is a sensitive girl and can be a bit nervous when in unfamiliar situations and around new people.

She needs a bit of time and patience to make sure things are taken at her own pace.

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Slough Observer:

Joey – Handsome 7-year-old Saluki Joey is charming around people and has a sweet nature. He especially loves to nap on his bed and loves the chilled out life. He is reactive when he can see other dogs so needs owners who are willing to put the training in.

Slough Observer:

Lillie – This cute Beagle loves to be around her owners and would prefer not to be left alone. That being said she has a brilliant personality and like Annie, loves he food.

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