Thames Valley Police name and shame uninsured vehicles after 15,000 are seized in 4 years

Thames Valley Police road policing team have taken to naming and shaming uninsured drivers throughout the Berkshire area.

This comes after almost 15,000 vehicles without insurance have been seized by Thames Valley since 2018, new figures reveal.

The statistics come as a leading motoring body tells drivers “don’t take the risk” by dodging car insurance before hitting the road.

This week, officers posted three cars that were caught either by CCTV or patrolling police in Slough and Reading. 


October 2 

Slough Observer: Thames Valley Police Thames Valley Police

The Thames Valley Road Policing team caught this Honda when they were alerted through ANPR CCTV technology in Slough.

Following this, police stopped the vehicle and checks confirmed that this was the case.

It was also discovered that the owner had received several warning letters which were ignored. The vehicle was seized, and driver reported for driving an uninsured vehicle.


October 5

Slough Observer: Thames Valley Police Thames Valley Police

Police spotted this car when out and about in Slough. 

After failing to respond to letters regarding having no insurance policy, the driver was eventually stopped.

Road Policing team in Slough seized the vehicle and reported the driver.


October 3 

Slough Observer: Thames Valley Police Thames Valley Police

Police caught this ‘chancer’ right outside Reading Police Station as they drove through a ‘no access route’ 

As well as no insurance, he was also found to have no licence to drive the uninsured car. 

The vehicle was seized and driver reported.



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