Temur Qureshi killing: trial opens for boy, 17, accused of murder

Mr Qureshi, 19, was pronounced dead in Hampden Road, in the Langley area of Slough, just after 12pm.

He had sustained a fatal stab wound to the left lung.

A 17-year-old – who cannot be named for legal reasons – is standing trial accused of killing Mr Qureshi.

The youth denies murder, but has accepted an alternative charge of manslaughter.

Opening the trial today (April 3), prosecuting barrister Sasha Wass KC asserted that Mr Qureshi was the victim of a targeted killing.

She told the court: “The prosecution’s case is that the defendant specifically targeted Mr Qureshi.

“He followed him to a place where he could attack him. He got out a large hunting knife, he chased Mr Qureshi, and he deliberately stabbed him in the chest – an area he knew would result in really serious injury, if not death.”

The stabbing of Mr Qureshi – which occurred less than an hour before his death – was captured on CCTV.

In the footage, a person identified as the defendant by the prosecution is seen following the victim on a motorised scooter.

He pursues Mr Qureshi, who trips several times in his bid to get away.

Mrs Wass KC told jurors: “You’ll see that Mr Qureshi, as he is running away … he actually trips and loses one of his trainers, but runs without his other shoe.”

After being stabbed, the victim cycled to Hampden Road and called 999.

In a harrowing recording of the call, Mr Qureshi tells the handler: “I’ve been stabbed. I’m going to die.”

A couple coming back from a shopping trip found Mr Qureshi, who was bleeding heavily.

They came to his aid, using a sweatshirt to stem the bleeding.

Emergency responders arrived shortly after, but were unable to save the victim’s life.

The defendant was quickly identified as a suspect, as Mr Qureshi gave his name to a witness as he lay dying.

Officers scrambled to his home address, but by this point the defendant had already left Slough – for Birmingham.

He was ultimately arrested there, and subsequently charged with Mr Qureshi’s murder on October 4.

The defendant accepts manslaughter in connection with the killing, but claims he did not intend to cause Mr Qureshi serious harm when he stabbed him.

Mrs Wass KC told jurors: “By plunging the hunting knife into the chest of another person, you may think that the very least that was intended was to cause serious injury.”

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