Squid Game to Kim K: Topical Halloween costume ideas for 2021

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re looking for a killer costume, there are plenty of brilliant 2021-inspired options to choose from.

These topical TV, film and celebrity fancy dress ideas are sure to impress – and if you don’t want to buy a whole new outfit that you’ll only wear once, we’ve suggested ways to create your costume more sustainably.

Squid Game

Officially the most popular Netflix series ever, Korean drama Squid Game has become a global phenomenon, and it’s ripe for the Halloween picking. Adapt a plain green tracksuit with some white fabric strips and an ID number and you’ve got an easy contestant’s costume.

The Queen’s Gambit

Another massive Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit starred Anya Taylor-Joy, who was kitted out in some incredible 1960’s outfits. Head to vintage stores or scour eBay to find a monochrome shift dress and top it off with an auburn wig to recreate the look of chess whizz Beth Harmon.


Emma Stone took on the title role in Disney’s Cruella movie, giving the devilish 101 Dalmatians villain a glam-punk new look, with couture-level gowns, black leather coats and huge hair. A two-toned wig is a must for this costume, and you can really amp up your make-up with heavy foundation, masses of black eyeliner and a strong scarlet lip. Follow this YouTube tutorial to find out how.

Harry Styles

The ultimate fashion icon of 2021, Harry Styles has brought us so many iconic looks this year. Go vintage in a 70’s suit as seen at the Brit Awards, or repurpose a black faux leather blazer and trousers, add a feather boa and you’ve got the singer’s Grammys performance look.

The Weeknd

This year’s Super Bowl halftime headliner, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd has been rocking various iterations of his red blazer look since the release of hit album After Hours. The most Halloween appropriate? It’s got to be the gory post-plastic surgery version featuring bandages and black eyes – a stunt set up for the music video, Save Your Tears.

Sex Education

The third season of Sex Education hit screens recently, with the cast providing lots of costume inspiration for guys and girls. You could recreate the preppy Moordale uniform or go retro in an 80’s-inspired jacket like Otis.

Kim Kardashian

Slough Observer:

It was the look that launched a thousand memes. Kim Kardashian’s all-black outfit at the 2021 Met Gala pretty much broke the internet, and now you can buy a ready-made copycat costume for just £10.99 from Wholesale Clearance, complete with breathable face mask. Alternatively, you could create this look yourself with some black tights, gloves, boots, an LBD and a clip-in ponytail.

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