Speed Cameras Sloughl: The roads where you are most likely to be caught for speeding

Drivers across Slough are consistently warned about the presence of speed cameras through various road signs.

But where exactly the cameras are, is not always clear. We have found the mobile units and fixed cameras throughout the borough which have been recorded online.

There are 13 mobile, fixed (Gasto and Truvelo) and traffic light camera units dotted throughout Slough according to the online database Speed Cameras UK.

Cameras are usually deployed at sites where “they have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions, and where there is evidence of both collisions and speeding”.

Where are they?

Here are the locations of speed cameras in Slough according to the website.

Bath Road (A4) – near Slough (40 mph) – traffic light camera

Bath Road (A4) – Eastbound near Slough (40 mph)

Buckingham Avenue, Slough (30 mph)

London Road, Slough (30 mph)

Stoke Road, Slough (30mph)

Cippenham Lane, Slough (40 mph)

A4 Eastbound, Slough (40 mph)

Stoke Poges Lane (30 mph)

Wellington Street (30 mph)

Sussex Place (A4) (30 mph)

Uxbridge Road, Slough (40 mph)

Bath Road (30 mph)

Slough/Colney – M4 (70 mph)


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