Slough’s least hygienic restaurants and cafes listed

There are so many fantastic places to eat in Slough that it’s hard to know which to settle on.

We’ve all sat scrolling through TripAdvisor or Just Eat, thinking we’ve made our choice only to be tempted by the next option.

One factor you might want to take into account is what food hygiene rating the business has.

Only one restaurant in Slough was given a rating of 0 by the Food Standards Agency, but  have a rating of 1.

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Any venue with a rating of one means they require ‘major improvement’.

Their decision is based on food handling, storage, preparation, cleanliness and management of food safety.

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Here are all the businesses in Slough which received a rating of one and the date they received it:

0 – Rating

Munchbox, 09/12/2021

1 – Rating

Apna Punjab Meat Market Slough Ltd, 18/11/2019

HFC, 26/10/2021

High Street Food & Wine, 11/09/2020

Hindu Cultural Society, 24/11/2021

Hyland Foodstore, 10/01/2020

I & H Food & Wine, 20/01/2020

Jimmys Café, 18/10/2019

Johal Premier Express, 03/12/2019

Kays Supermarket, 21/11/2019

Kenya Halal Butchers, 02/07/2019

Kenya Store, 29/10/2018

Le Damas (front of Marwa), 21/01/2020

London Store, 23/09/2020

Manor Food Stores, 04/10/2019

Marwa Halal Centre, 04/10/2018

New Ocean Fish & Chips, 03/12/2019

Pan & Juice Corner, 26/10/2021

Pizza Delite, 12/07/2021

Punjab Pizza & Grill, 08/06/2021

Ramgarhia Singh Gurdwara SLOUGH, 12/10/2021

Rocky’s, 12/10/2021

Sabar Brothers, 06/10/2019

Salt Hill Food & Wine, 16/04/2019

SFC Peri Peri Chicken Original, 02/12/2019

Slough Green Grocers, 31/05/2019

The data collected is from online ratings. There may be temporary differences between the rating displayed at a business and online rating due to reasons such as the business has appealed its latest rating and is awaiting the result or the local authority is in the process of uploading the new rating to the Food Standards Agency website.

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