Slough school blasted by parent after son ‘stabbed’ in class

A SHOCKED father has blasted a school in Slough after his son was ‘stabbed in the stomach’ when his class had been reportedly ‘left unattended’ by the teacher.

The student was in a class at the Grove Academy in Slough on May 7 when he became embroiled in a fight involving paper throwing with a classmate.

As a result, the father claims that the fellow student approached his son with something hidden behind his back before plunging a pen into the boy’s stomach.

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Pictures show the attack left him with bruising on his stomach.

The father of the boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, has claimed that the class was unattended at the time as the teacher left the room to ‘chase a pupil that had left the lesson’.

“My son realised he had pushed a pen into his stomach really violently, leaving him in excruciating pain,” the father told the Slough Observer.

“The teacher wasn’t present because they had gone walkabouts because two of the students had left the classroom.

“My son was shocked by what he had done, so he grabbed the boys tie to defend himself.

“What we have discovered as time has progressed is that as they left the classroom, the child attempted to attack my son again.”

The father said his son was ‘petrified’ of discussing the attack with his family or teachers.

He added: “He was afraid there would be ramifications to him.”

It has been claimed that the boy was attacked again on the Thursday, and as a result the father has complained the school ‘did not put any safeguarding measures in place’.

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He said: “His friend was with him, they were walking up to the classroom. His friend didn’t like the boy swearing at my son so he kicked him.

“Upon this, he received a really violent punch.

“My son was in shock because he totally had lost his confidence.

“All of a sudden, they attacked my son. He was so frightened that he ran for his life because he thought the boy would bring out another weapon.

“He ran to his classroom and stayed there, but had nobody to talk to.

“My son was absolutely petrified and scared and unsure as to why something like this has happened to him.”

The father has since blasted the school for how they treated the severity of the incident, claiming he was told he had ‘nothing to worry about’.

He explained how he was told he would recieve a call back but was left waiting more than a day for a response.

He said: “I reluctantly called the school and asked why I hadn’t been contacted.

Slough Observer:

“I was then called by the man who was in charge of the investigation and was told in quite a dismissive way that both children had been given internal suspensions.

“I was taken aback by how blase they were at the seriousness of the situation.

“I wasn’t satisfied with how I was spoken to in such a dismissive way.

“They didn’t do anything, they were completely not helpful in any way. The list just goes on with this scenario.

“I decided the school was incompetent and I removed my son straight away because I did not believe the school was able to assure my son would be safe.”

The incident has since been reported to Thames Valley Police who have been approached for further details.

Grove Academy have confirmed to the Slough Observer that the incident is currently being investigated.

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