Slough residents forced to keep trash inside amid bin issues

Agnieszka Tworkowska-Daniel of Calder Court has said it has got to the point where her block of flats has been keeping excess rubbish in their homes and even taking it to work to dispose of after their communal bins have failed to be emptied in over two weeks.

The block houses nine households, some of which are home to multi-generation households.

“We have communal bins for our building of nine flats – five grey bins – which were not collected for two weeks in a row.

“They are now overflowing. We have been reporting it and we are not having any results.

“We are calling the council, we are reporting on the website, but unfortunately there is no answer and no action taken.

“We now have pests and insects.”

Needu Danga who lives on the ground floor added that she hasn’t been able to open her windows due to the smell and so many flies being around the area.

“We don’t know what to do with excess rubbish now,” Agnieszka added.

Resident Krisham Puri expressed concern for the wait between collections saying: “What do we do over the weekend now”.

Roberta Treglia, who also lives in the block with her young daughter, is increasingly concerned about health and safety.

When the Observer visited it was clear flies were gathering in the area, with bins and litter taking up space on the footpath.

Agnieszka has contacted the Environmental Agency and has been advised to remove all extra overflowing rubbish and close the lids of the bins.

“We don’t know what solution we should take in that situation.

“Our bins are overflowing and we would have to take out excess and keep it to the side which would cause lots of mess because birds and foxes come and make a mess.

“Then we might also face a rats problem.”

Slough Borough Council are understood to have taken the recycling bin in the last week.

The residents of the block of flats believe they are being treated as a communal bin residence and should have them collected weekly.

They are asking Slough Borough Council for extra bins should they now be on a biweekly schedule.

Agnieszka added that it is “very frustrating” to have this situation arise as Slough Borough Council up the cost of council tax.

“We feel really disappointed as residents of Slough council,” she added.

Previously, Slough Borough Council acknowledged issues with their new bin timetable stating they are missing an estimated 80 bins per day.

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In response to the public outcry, Richard West, executive director place and communities, said: “This has been a massive service change for both the council and residents and we would like to thank all those residents who have adapted to the changes so quickly, even if they don’t like them.

“Inevitably, with a huge change like this, there have been some mistakes and misunderstandings and we thank people for their patience whilst we have ironed out the wrinkles.”

The council guidance currently states that they will not take bins if the lid does not close and they will not collect rubbish sat next to or on top of the bin.

Slough Borough Council have been contacted for further comment.

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