Slough petrol prices: Here is the cheapest places to fill up

Are you planning a getaway this weekend?

Many people are planning trips around the country to enjoy the beautiful parts of England that have been inaccessible for a number of months due to lockdown restrictions.

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If you’re set for a trip away this weekend, we’ve rounded up the cheapest places to fill your car up in different areas of our county.

Each are listed within a three mile radius of the respective town centres, according to


  1.  ASDA Slough (Telford Drive) 121.7p
  2.  Tesco Slough (Wellington Extra) 127.9p
  3.  Jet Slough (Bath Road) 127.9p
  4.  Esso (Bath Road) 128.9p
  5.  Shell (Burnham Lane) 128.9p


  1.  Texaco (Bridge Road) 129.9p
  2.  Esso (Gringer Road) 129.9p
  3.  Esso (Cookham Road) 129.9p
  4.  BP (Windsor Road) 130.9p
  5.  Esso (Shoppenhangers Road) 131.9p

Slough Observer:

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  1.  BP (Straight Road) 124.9p
  2.  Shell (Clarence Road) 129.9p
  3.  Esso (Dedworth Road) 129.9p
  4.  BP (Maidenhead Road) 129.9p
  5.  BP (Windsor Road) 130.9p


  1.  Morrisons (Basingstoke Road) 121.7p
  2.  ASDA (Chalfont Road) 121.7p
  3.  ASDA (School Road) 121.7p
  4.  Sainsbury’s (Bath Road) 121.9p
  5.  Esso (Bath Road) 122.9p


  1.  Tesco (County Lane) 121.7p
  2.  Sainsbury’s (Bagshot Road) 127.9p
  3.  Esso (Downshire Way) 129.9p
  4.  Shell (Binfield Road) 129.9p
  5.  BP (Wokingham Road) 129.9p

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