Slough: Mum of five lives in “squalor” flat with no running water

A HOUSING association has been slammed for allowing a mother and her five children to live in “squalor” conditions and no running water for days.

Anne-Marie lives in a two-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor at Foundry Court in Slough with her five children. Tracey, Anne-Marie’s mother, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that she has been living without running water for two days.

The 160-apartment block is run by housing association A2 Dominion and, after being contacted by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, its repair contractor Hazelvine has since fixed the water disruption.

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Since Tuesday, May 4, Anne-Marie could not use the sink, flush the toilet, or wash her kids, and instead had to use bottles of water or go to family and friends’ homes just to use their water.

Tracey said: “This is not acceptable by A2 Dominion. It’s like they do not care.”

Back in March 2020, families living at Foundry Court labelled A2 Dominion as a “disgrace” after they had no running water for four days, causing some residents to move out to a nearby hotel at their expense.

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Tracey also claimed her daughter’s airing cupboard is leaking so badly that the piping has moulded into the wall and the floor has collapsed. Despite telling A2 Dominion about this, repair work by Hazelvine has not been forthcoming.

Slough Observer: A pipe in the airing cupboard has moulded against the wallA pipe in the airing cupboard has moulded against the wall

Slough Observer: Water has been leaking from the ceiling, prompting fears it could shor circuit wires and create a fireWater has been leaking from the ceiling, prompting fears it could shor circuit wires and create a fire

She said: “They [Anne-Marie and her five children] are basically living in squalor conditions. The communal area is all leaking water from the ceiling, and this is a fire risk to families and kids.”

A2Dominion director of Property Services David Lingeman has apologised for any distress caused by the water supply disruption but said the engineers have restored it and are working to fix the leaks and water pressure issues.

Slough Observer: Water damage within the airing cupboardWater damage within the airing cupboard

He said: “Issues such as loss of water supply are rare, but when they do arise we take them very seriously and work closely with our neighbourhood officers to resolve them as soon as possible. We will continue to work with this resident to address their concerns. I am sorry again for the problems they have experienced recently.”

Another issue A2 Dominion has been slammed for is allowing bin bags to build up in the communal area for months, which Tracey said is attracting rats.

Slough Observer: Garbage has not been picked up for weeks, Tracey saidGarbage has not been picked up for weeks, Tracey said

Mr Lingeman said: “We are also aware of problems with fly-tipping at Foundry Court, which has led to excess waste in the communal bin areas. To address this, we have put in place extra bin collections for the near future, while doing everything we can to address the anti-social behaviour that exacerbates this issue.”

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