Slough GP suspended for ‘sexually motivated’ Whatsapp messages

A GP from Slough has been suspended for six months for harassing his co-worker with more than 200 ‘sexually motivated’ Whatsapp messages.

Dr Mazhar Khan sent 215 messages to the woman while working at Chapel Medical Centre in Slough in pursuit of a sexual relationship she did not want, the Medical Practioners Tribunal Service found.

The Tribunal, held between November 2 and 8, concluded that his misconduct was a serious breach of professional boundaries that ‘impaired’ his fitness to practise.

Messages sent to the woman included the following, the tribunal heard:

• ‘Ur stunning’

• ‘Dreamt about you last night’

• ‘I miss you, sorry I can’t be professional with you’

• ‘Trip to Europe is it asking too much at this stage’

The tribunal said the messages were not sexually explicit.

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The tribunal heard the woman ‘became very anxious, experienced palpitations and considered leaving her job’.

“He became quite persistent and impulsive with the compliments both over text and in person, I would thank him for the compliments, and shut down the conversation or deviate,” she told the tribunal.

Adding: “He would acknowledge and understand he would be inappropriate as I would be embarrassed and ignore him so he would apologise for it.”

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In a statement, Dr Khan said: “I am embarrassed when I look back over the messages. I see that my messages will have made [her] feel uncomfortable and I should not have put her in that position after she clarified that our relationship was professional only.”

He added: “Towards the end my messaging was intense; too intense. I again see why she was concerned.”

He admitted he “was very pushy” but maintained he did not want or foresee a sexual relationship with the woman.

The Tribunal did acknowledge that Dr Khan had demonstrated remorse throughout the process. It also acknowledged he is a ‘skilled and competent doctor’ and no concerns were raised about his clinical competence.

Dr Khan was previously suspended in 2014 after a tribunal found he was impaired to practice by reason of sexual misconduct involving the crossing of professional boundaries, the hearing was told.

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