Slough Fest celebrates local talent in town centre

Slough Fest saw a large turn out last weekend, with crowds turning up to support upcoming artists and musicians.

Organised by Love Music Hate Violence and Slough Bid, the festival took place on Saturday, October 15 on Slough High Street.

The event saw rappers, DJs, drummers and more take to the stage from 11:30pm to 5:30pm.

Slough Observer: Love Music Hate Violence 'Put down the knife, pick up the mic' (Credit: Voss Arts Media)Love Music Hate Violence ‘Put down the knife, pick up the mic’ (Credit: Voss Arts Media) (Image: Voss Arts Media)

Organiser Stephen Ambrose, also known as DJ and music producer Stevoss said the event was aimed at “supporting local artists by giving them a platform”.

“The whole day was electric from start to finish, we focused a lot on diversity and inclusion.

“All performers did great, and all team members worked to support the community.

“We pumped out positive messages of Love & Kindness. I’m really excited to see more events in the future and encourage the whole community to get behind these type of initiatives.”

Clarissa Parker from Slough Bid said: “Slough BID were honoured to have worked with Love Music Hate Violence, bringing the wealth of Slough talent to the town centre in a wonderfully successful one day fest, we hope to host many more community events going forward.”

Amongst the performers was music artist and Drum & Bass MC Rhymestar.

He said: “Being born and raised in Slough, I was proud to be part of the event.

“It was a demonstration of how the universal language of music brings people together, regardless of race or culture.

“To me a place, isn’t a point on a map, it’s the community and the people who live in it. In a time of much needed change and improvement, Slough Fest is just what the town needed.”

Slough Observer: Rhymestar performing at LMHV (Credit: Voss Arts Media)Rhymestar performing at LMHV (Credit: Voss Arts Media) (Image: Voss Arts Media)

Slough Fest was part of the Love Slough project, set up and run by the community to celebrate a range of artforms.

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