Slough diner “shocked” to find USED plaster in spring roll

A ‘SHOCKED’ diner has been left disgusted after they “almost choked” on a plaster that he found was in his spring roll.

The Slough locals’ daughter, Sarah, described the unfortunate find as “very disturbing” and demanded answers from the noodle bar, which has 60 stores across the UK.

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The resident’s daughter Sarah said: “My father felt extremely sick and very distressed, especially with [everything going on with] the pandemic.”

The meal was bought from a shop in Queensmere Shopping Centre on Sunday, January 16. The shop was formerly known as Chopstix but the brand said it is now a Noodle Stop. 

The Observer tried to contact the shop but were unable to get in touch.

Sarah continued: “Working within the waste industry I know myself if you have a cut or a plaster on finger you have to wear a latex glove over it.”

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Sarah added: “My dad immediately thought that maybe he could catch something from this especially if the plaster was covered in blood.

“He was awake all night with worry.

“It’s really disturbing to find something like this with covid still ongoing.”

Slough Observer: The plaster that was found inside the spring roll. The plaster that was found inside the spring roll.

The diner’s wife and The Observer asked Chopstix for a comment, as the brand name listed on the packaging.

When contacted by The Observer, a spokesperson for Chopstix said: “This store changed hands around 18 months ago and is no longer part of the Chopstix Restaurants group.”

Chopstix added that despite branding still beig used it is now a different company.

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