Slough Covid cases: Two areas have rates above 200

AS the country prepares for a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, we have rounded up the latest case numbers to show how cases and rates are currently looking in Slough.

The government’s Covid-19 map shows almost the whole of Slough as a sea of dark blue and light blue indicating that the rolling rate for each postcode above 100 and 200.

However, there are two areas in the borough displaying higher Covid-19 rates, indicating a rate of above 200.

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Slough Observer:

The map’s latest figures show the seven-day rolling rate up to February 25.

These are the two areas in the town which show as high-case locations in the week leading to February 25:

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Manor Park

Total: 24 cases, down by 6 on previous week, rolling rate: 218.5

Slough Observer:

Baylis & Stoke

Total: 24 cases, up by 2 on previous week, rolling rate: 207.9


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