Six truly bizarre world record attempts made in Berkshire

From speedy sheep to the youngest woman with a beard, Berkshire is full of some of the wackiest Guinness World Records ever to exist.

Records are there to be broken – right?

There have been plenty attempts made in Slough, Reading and Bracknell in year’s gone by.

So here are just a handful of ones which you probably don’t know about:

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Most races won by a…sheep

Photo by Guiness World Records

Photo by Guiness World Records

You couldn’t get more Berkshire countryside than racing sheep. Odd’s Farm Park in Slough/Bucks is home to a Guinness World Record for having the most races won by sheep.

The most races won by a sheep is 165 out of 179 total season races, and was achieved by ‘Lamborghini’ (UK) at Odds Farm Park.

Lamborghini was born at the farm in January 2011 and took to racing immediately, winning his first race in April 2011.

He loved the sound of the crowds and always carried the same Jockey on his back – a soft toy pig called Del Trotter.

The youngest female with a full beard

Image from Guiness World Records

Image from Guiness World Records

Harnaam Kaur from Slough broke a World Record attempt in September 2015 for being the youngest female to have a full beard.

The Slough resident is now a body positive and anti-bullying activist whose portrait has been part of the #Project60 campaign.

Born on 29 November 1990, Harnaam first started to notice that she was growing facial hair at the age of 11.

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She was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that means she has much more testosterone than most women which is what causes hair to grow on her face.

She said: “I never really understood what role I had to play in this world as a bearded lady. As the years have gone on I have realised that I was born to stand up proud as a woman who promotes body confidence with in both genders, I was born to show the world something else apart from the ‘societies norm,’ and I was born to help people become confident and comfortable with in themselves.”

Greatest height climbed on a climbing machine in 24 hours

In November 2007, Marc Rose and his colleagues at Bodyworks Gym attempted to climb the greatest height on a climbing machine.

Taking place in Bracknell, the world-record attempt saw the gym-goers take it in turns on the VersaClimber machine over 24 hours.

In this time the team of 12 climbed a remarkable 70,299.82 metres (230,642 ft), setting a new world record at the time.

Largest build and display of LEGO® Star Wars™ Clone Troopers

LEGO fan? You’ll be impressed with this whopping 35,210 piece Star Wars Clone Troopers display.

It holds a record for being the world’s largest display and was built by the LEGO HQ team in Slough on June 27, 2008.

Largest motorcycle toy run

Reading Toy Run

Reading Toy Run

Thousands of motorcyclists got the recognition they deserved for delivering as many toys to under-privileged and vulnerable youngsters

In December 2014, big-hearted bikers took part in The Reading Toy Run delivering 1,735 toys.

In 1985, just 18 bikers took part.

The fastest half marathon in breathing apparatus (SCBA)

In 2017, Scott Butler completed the Maidenhead Half Marathon whilst wearing a breathing apparatus (SCBA)

He completed it in the fastest time of 2 hours 21 min 27 secs.

When he was asked why he wanted to attempt the record Scott said: “One life, live it”.

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