Sainsbury’s Uxbridge Road late-night drivers anger neighbours

NEIGHBOURS who live near to a Sainsbury’s car park have said the late-night noise is “getting out of hand” as drivers are spotted ‘racing’.

Preetika Verma, of Dolphin Road in Slough, backs on to the Sainsbury’s Uxbridge Road car park and said the drivers “rev their engines” and chase each other.

She explained the issue has been going on since 2014 and nothing has been done about it.

And on Sunday, June 6, at around 12.45am Ms Verma was woken up again by the noise.

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“It’s just hideous and I am so fed up of this,” she said.

“We all get woken up in the middle of the night and then we are having to wake up for work tired the next day because we’ve been kept awake by the noise.”

Ms Verma said it’s often only one car that is spotted but it is sometimes a couple more.

She explained it happened around five or six times a year and it goes on for around an hour each time.

And the drivers are said to be arriving at around midnight and leaving at 3am.

Ms Vema claims a gate to the car park is often left open overnight.

“I complain to Sainsbury’s all the time,” she said.

“I even called the police about this once and they told me they can’t do anything.

“Sainsbury’s has a gate at their entrance that they can close but they don’t and instead they are happy to allow these idiots to enter and wake up their neighbours.”

Ms Verma explained she also spoke to the manager at the Sainsbury’s Uxbridge Road store.

She added: “The manager said all the staff are scared when they come out of the building after finishing a shift.

“He explained he is going to try and ask the police to do patrol at night which might help.”

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After multiple tweets from Ms Verma, Sainsbury’s took to Twitter on June 4 to confirm the relevant department is investigating the issue.

The tweet said: “Hi. Sorry there’s noise coming from the car park. I’ve fed this back to the relevant department and will be looked in ASAP. Take care.”

Sainsbury’s in Bracknell has been experiencing a similar situation in recent weeks.

Slough Borough Council confirmed it has received reports of the issue in the past but that it is a police matter.

Sainsbury’s have also been contacted for an official statement.

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