Rise in visits to A&E at Frimley Health Trust – data reveals

More patients visited A&E at Frimley Health Trust last month, with demand rising above the levels seen over the same period last year.

NHS England figures show 22,463 patients visited A&E at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust in December.

That was a rise of six per cent on the 21,153 visits recorded during November, and 15 per cent more than the 19,601 patients seen in December 2021.

The figures show attendances were above the levels seen two years ago – in December 2020, there were 16,277 visits to A&E departments run by Frimley Health Trust.

All of last month’s attendances were via major A&E departments – those with full resuscitation equipment and 24-hour consultant-led care.

Across England, A&E departments received 2.3 million visits last month.

That was an increase of five per cent compared to November, and 22 per cent more than the 1.9 million seen during December 2021.

At Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust:

In December:

There were 1,797 booked appointments, up from 1,782 in November

2,297 patients waited longer than four hours for treatment following a decision to admit – 10% of patients

Separate NHS Digital data reveals that in October:

The median time to treatment was 139 minutes. The median average is used to ensure figures are not skewed by particularly long or short waiting times

Around one per cent of patients left before being treated

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