Rafaqit Kayani: Family and wife pay tribute to ‘indescribable loving husband’

The family and wife of a 24 year-old man, who died in a stabbing attack in Slough has paid tribute to him as a ‘loving husband, caring friend and proud Muslim man’.

Rafaqit Kayani’s loved one’s said that an unimaginable amount of pain remains following his death in Keel Drive on August 30.

After suffering serious injuries, the post-mortem examination concluded his cause of death was a stab wound to the chest.

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Thames Valley Police have charged two men in connection with this incident.

In a statement released by the police, his heartbroken family said: “Mohammed Rafaqit Kayani, a name that will live on in the hearts of not only his family, but a world in itself, resided by those whose were lucky to enough to have encountered him.

“A soul too pure for this cruel world was taken and has returned to its creator, but an unimaginable amount of pain and emptiness remains.

“If you knew Rafaqit, you knew that there was no literature that could possibly describe the beauty of his character to a justly degree. However, his enormous heart is one place to begin with.

“His presence lingered a sense of security and his words implemented an instant comfort into those whom he engaged with.  There will never be another Mohammed Rafaqit Kayani, his mother and father’s entire heart, his sister’s protector and inspiration, his wife’s other half, his entire family’s cherished brother.

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“Above all, not only to our family, a brother to all. Our lives will never be the same, and so we remain with heavy hearts, until we reunite in the hereafter, Insha’Allah.”

Mrs Rafaqit Kayani described the Slough man as a ‘beautiful husband’ that ‘truly made this terrible world feel like a fairy tale’.

She released a statement through Thames Valley Police saying: “My beautiful husband. A man that truly made this terrible world feel like a fairytale. A loving son, caring brother, selfless friend and proud Muslim man.

“Words could never capture the true essence of this mesmerising, handsome, sincere and true epitome of beauty, Mohammed Rafaqit Kayani.

“He excelled in every aspect of his life; a truly indescribable husband, a proud loving family member of the Kayani family as well as flying through his career at Virgin Atlantic always looking dashing as ever beaming with pride in his uniform. 

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She added: “There’s not enough time in this world to even slightly begin to really touch on the immensely outstanding character of Rafaqit.

“This isn’t just another tragedy, another calamity, another sad story. Rafaqit Kayani a man full of life, love, charm with an abundance of intelligence and knowledge.

“As his wife and family we stand proud to be part of Rafaqit Kayani’s life and will look to find peace within the short time we had with him as within that short period Rafaqit has left us with a lifetime of memories, lessons, advice and truly an inspiration for what we should aspire to be.

“Our prince, our heart who we now await to meet. I end this on a bittersweet note of allowing anyone reading this to have the tiniest glimpse into the beautiful man that was and is Rafaqit Kayani. “Peace not war, fear your Lord only”.


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