Plans for Maidenhead community buildings revealed in leaked report

A LEAKED report has revealed what could happen to two sites if the council decides to kick out six community groups.

The Holmanleaze community centres near Maidenhead town centre could be relocated to a new ‘purpose built’ centre potentially built on where the players building used to stand in Blackamoor Lane.

The sites affected include:

  • The Ivy Leaf Club
  • Beehive Playgroup
  • Maidenhead 9th Scouts Group
  • Maidenhead 19th Scouts Group
  • The Jehovah’s Witness
  • Air Training Corp
The Ivy Leaf Club

The Ivy Leaf Club

The Ivy Leaf, which was built in the mid-1980s, is located to the south of Maidenhead Mosque whereas the other sites are situated in small huts north of the place of worship.

In a public report, known as the community facilities review, the council is eyeing to free up space next to the Maidenhead Mosque and build 30 affordable homes by 2025, which will require capital funds of up to £5.63m.

The council could spend up to £5.71m on building a new community facility, which could be between 12,600sq ft to 25,000sq ft, for multiple purposes on Blackamoor Lane.

However, a report seen by the Local Democracy Reporting Service has revealed further details on the plans.

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A survey was conducted on the six facilities and found the buildings needed ‘substantial investment’ for repair and modernisation. The Ivy Leaf will need to cough up around £240,000 in maintenance and refurbishment fees over the next five years, and the other facilities will need to spend over £30,000 each.

The leaked papers suggest the Royal Borough Council will have to purchase the Ivy Leaf’s lease, which expires in 2046, for nearly £1.14m and the other facilities, which some are due to end in 2045 and 2048, for £675,000 to move with their plans.

The papers also indicate the 3.5-storey apartment block could be built on the huts and have an average mix of two-bedrooms with the provision of 19 shared ownership and nine affordable rent accommodations.

The sites that could be relocated to Blackamoor Lane

The sites that could be relocated to Blackamoor Lane

Two 2.5-storey semi-detached homes, which could provide three-bedrooms, are also a potential.

The council’s property company will deliver the 30 homes and it could generate income of £149,000 per year.

However, options for the facilities to stay or keep the sites for community use are on the table for cabinet councillors to consider.

Next door to the site is the former Magnet leisure centre, which is earmarked to be redeveloped into 439 homes, known as St Cloud Way, subject to planning approval.

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The whole site is allocated for 550 homes, a community centre, and retail in the borough local plan, where the report suggests the Ivy Leaf could be redeveloped into 111 homes to reach that target if the council’s developer partner Countryside puts forward a scheme.

The Ivy Leaf site was previously eyed to be redeveloped into 127 homes, of which 30 per cent were affordable, but the plans were scrapped due to flood risks and “the experience” Countryside is having with the contentious 439 homes plan.

No decisions have yet been made by senior councillors as the papers were forwarded to a scrutiny panel for review and comment.

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