Oxford man on trial for attempted murder of Slough father

Ibtisam Thanvi, of Sandford Road in Littlemore, stabbed Sameeul Thanvi on August 20, 2021, a trial at Reading Crown Court heard on Monday (November 6).

The 26-year-old had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the incident and was later arrested and detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

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A jury has been told Thanvi does not deny stabbing his father or intending to murder him and that they must decide whether to deliver a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.

They are due to hear psychiatric evidence about Thanvi, who is not required to be present during the trial, which the prosecution states they will not challenge.

During the opening of the trial, the jury heard that Thanvi had been taken to Wexham Park Hospital’s A&E department prior to the stabbing due to concerns that his mental health had been deteriorating.

However, he was discharged and later that evening, at about 9pm, Thanvi stabbed his father in the neck and the abdomen.

He told his dad: “You should be dead, why aren’t you dead yet?”

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Mr Thanvi went to a nearby neighbour who called the police while his son walked away from the Slough home.

He was overheard on the phone as he left, saying: “He’s bleeding. There’s blood everywhere.”

Mr Thanvi was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital where he had two surgical operations. He had four stab wounds, including a 1cm wound to the left side of his neck and a 3cm wound to his lower abdomen, internal bruising and a blood clot but he made a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Thanvi was later arrested in Slough and taken to Maidenhead Police Station where he told police he heard ‘aggressive voices’ in his head, one telling him that ‘everyone would be better off with his dad dead’.

He said: “I felt in my mind that God told me to kill him, that was my objective today.”

Thanvi also told police he was hallucinating talking to animals and had following a squirrel through a park. He added that he ‘felt like a zombie with no joy’.

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He was detained and taken to Littlemore Mental Health Centre. He was interviewed again on March 9, 2022, but replied: “No comment” to all questions.

The jury is expected to retire late Tuesday (November 7).

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