MP Adam joins the growing criticism of BA after Windsor demo


Windsor’s MP Adam Afriyie has joined the growing criticism of British Airways‘ controversial ‘fire and rehire’ plans – warning that its favoured ‘landing slots’ arrangements may have to be reviewed.

Angry protesters crowded into Peascod Street, Windsor on Tuesday bearing banners saying British Airways – Stop Betraying Britain.

In a written statement on Wednesday Mr Afriyie said: “The situation is deeply stressful for staff who remain deeply disappointed. BA has taken advantage of the taxpayer-funded Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which was designed to fund the wages of employees, not for management to put the same staff on notice of redundancy.

“I have already written to the Chief Executive of BA, as well as the Transport Secretary to raise this matter and have also tabled a written question in Parliament. BA employees should know that I intend to continue to apply pressure to BA, the Unions, and the Government to do all they can to reach a respectable and fair outcome.

“If things are not sorted then I believe we must review arrangements regarding landing slots, sooner rather than later.”

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