Missing people from Berkshire

FAMILIES go through all kinds of emotions when their loved-ones go missing.

Fortunately, most missing person cases are solved quickly, but some families can go weeks, months or even years not knowing what happened to their loved one.

Missing People is a charity that searches for missing people on behalf of the friends and family left behind and provides specialised support to ease their heartache and confusion.

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Their website lists everyone that has been reported and remains missing, including a picture, age and where they are from.

Below, you can see seven people who went missing from the Berkshire area and are yet to be found.

Duc Nguyen

Slough Observer: Duc NguyenDuc Nguyen

Age at disappearance: 17

Missing Since: January 13, 2021.

Missing from: Slough, Berkshire

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Vin Bu

Slough Observer: Vin BuVin Bu

Age at disappearance: 16

Missing Since: October 5, 2020

Missing from: Reading, Berkshire

Luong Nam

Slough Observer: Luong NamLuong Nam

Age at disappearance: 16

Missing Since: April 7,

Missing from: Reading, Berks

Samie Atdahukma

Slough Observer: Samie AtdahukmaSamie Atdahukma

Age at disappearance: 17

Missing Since: February 23, 2017

Missing from: Newbury, Berkshire

Michael Asher

Slough Observer: Michael AsherMichael Asher

Age at disappearance: 82

Missing Since: March 31, 2017

Missing from: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Najeebullah Hussaini

Slough Observer: Najeebullah HussainiNajeebullah Hussaini

Age at disappearance: 11

Missing Since: August 27, 2015

Missing from: Slough, Berkshire

Dorina Lincan

Slough Observer: Dorina LincanDorina Lincan

Age at disappearance: 14

Missing Since: February 7, 2008

Missing from: Slough

To get 24/7, free, confidential support, call or text 116 000, email 116000@missingpeople.org.uk or vist there website by clicking here.

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