Missing dog scam – warning from police

SCAMMERS tried to force the hand of pet owners to cough up £3,000 to ‘get their missing dog back’.

Thames Valley Police have warned pet owners to be vigilant if their beloved pet ever goes missing.

It comes after a blonde Cockapoo called Bailey went missing in Alleyns Lane, Cookham, and the owners put out a message on Facebook.

At 10pm on Sunday, October 17, the pet owner received a call from an unknown ‘young sounding’ man who said he had the dog.

Police said the aggrieved agreed to meet him at a local pub straight away, but nobody showed up.

At about 10.20pm, the caller said he was taking the dog home and that his mum wouldn’t let him say where he lived so he was keeping the dog. But added if they paid £3,000 they would give the dog back.

The aggrieved said no, and asked for a photo of the dog.  They have not heard back since. 

Police said this is a very common scam from thieves targeting people who have lost their pets. Adding: “If the money is paid, the pet is rarely returned.”

Anyone with information or has seen the missing Cockapoo is asked to contact police on 101 reference 43210469197

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