Man attempts to sell 20L of petrol for £360 on Facebook

PEOPLE are taking advantage of people running out of fuel by selling petrol on Facebook four times the price than at a petrol pump.

As people queue for hours at petrol stations to get fuel, some opportunists in Berkshire have decided to make a profit off of the fuel crisis.

Over the weekend, an advert appeared on Facebook Marketplace with a photo of three jerry cans.

Slough Observer:

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The seller from Maidenhead wrote: “Petrol 20l cans full, £360.”

The price is around four times more expensive than what it would be at a pump suggesting how people are taking advantage of there being no fuel at pumps.

The News also found a shocking advert of a person trying to sell 5 litres of petrol for £23,950 listed three days ago in Windsor.

Slough Observer:

Over in Camberley, which borders Bracknell Forest, a seller is has listed a jerry can with five litres of petrol for £15 – just over double the price at a pump.

Slough Observer:

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It comes after panicked residents queued over the weekend to try and get fuel after multiple petrol pumps shut.

The crisis has seen NHS staff including South Central Ambulance Service plead to people not to queue for fuel, so they can get to patients quickly.

The issue has led to some petrol stations doing a priority two-hour slot for key-worker medical professionals – anyone attending these must show their ID.

And to make sure locals have enough fuel, garages like Esso have capped the limit to £30 to meet demand.

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