Maidenhead sextortion scam reported to Thames Valley Police

A WOMAN has demanded £300 from a man after secretly filming an “explicit” video chat.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) have warned people about the recent sextortion case in Maidenhead.

The force explained a man started a video chat with a woman online.

They then agreed to meet in a video offline chat room – ‘hangout’.

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Police said when he entered this chatroom, the female was completely naked.

After a brief conversation, they both engaged in “intimate activity”.

Immediately after logging out, he received a messages stating that she had videoed their interaction and he needs to pay £300.

There was a link to an account to send the money.

TVP said he has not paid any money and so far there have been no repercussions.

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They added: “Due to his embarrassment the aggrieved does not want to be seen by officers, as he doesn’t want his family to know.”

Police have urged people to not write, say, text or do anything online you would not want your family, relatives, neighbours, friends, work colleagues or employers to see.

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