Maidenhead mum escapes order banning her from keeping dogs

A MAIDENHEAD mum has escaped a court order banning her from keeping dogs after her pet husky injured her 9-year-old daughter.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, left her mutt alone with her daughter at her own mother’s house one day in February 2020 when the male dog charged at the girl.

The girl suffered bleeding and bruising to her bottom half following the attack by the dog, which a prosecutor said was in a “state of arousal”.

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Her mother had gone out for “15 to 20 minutes” and when she returned she found her daughter in “distress”.

She took her daughter to hospital in Slough where her injuries were revealed.

Police visited the family property the next day and discovered a strong smell of animal faeces and urine.

There were “a number” of other dogs in the rear garden, police found.

A second visit the following day revealed most of the dog mess had been cleaned up.

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Prosecuting, Richard Witcombe said: “This was a home that was perhaps more so a home for the animals as they were able to do whatever they pleased all over the premises.

“It was a house over-run to animals.

“This was a situation where serious harm was at risk of being caused.”

Defending, Darren Almeida said the family had rehoused most of their dogs and that they only had one dog remaining.

He said: “She [the mother] has the utmost remorse for what has happened.

“She will never leave her [daughter] alone in the house again with or without an animal.”

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Prosecutor Mr Witcombe told Judge Edward Burgess QC the Crown was mulling over asking the court to impose a ban on the woman which would ban her from keeping dogs.

However, His Honour Judge Burgess made no such order and gave the woman a conditional discharge on both her child neglect and dangerous dog convictions, meaning she was free to leave court.

He said: “You have stayed out of trouble for the last one-and-a-half years and this is the only time you have been in trouble in your life.

“I hope you can put this all behind you and I wish you well.”

The woman appeared at Reading Crown Court on August 26.

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