Lola the Black Labrador missing for one year

A FAMILY is desperate for their loving black Labrador to return home after she disappeared a year ago today.

Lola from Taplow, went missing at around 7am on October 7, 2020 on the River Road.

Owners Jacquie and Nick took Lola on her usual early morning walk letting her off the lead at the fields behind where they live.

When they return home after their walks, Lola would usually appear at the door by herself but she never came back.

Jacquie’s sister Carole Hughes updated the community about Lola’s disappearance with a heartfelt message.

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She said: “Turning the clock back to 7th October last year, if someone had told us that we wouldn’t see you for the next 12 months we would have wondered what on earth they were talking about.

“Would they think our lives would just carry on as normal? Would they think we would just get used to not having you in our life? Would they think that we wouldn’t keep looking for you?

“A year sweet Lola…..a year without you in our lives. If you could have found your way home then you would have, you’re such a clever, home loving girl.

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“The past few weeks in particular have been very difficult for us all Lola and we hoped and wished that you would appear and ease our pain.”

Despite no sign of Lola, the family are still hopeful of finding her with appeals published regularly.

Dog owners from across the UK are members of Lola’s Army facebook group, posting potential sightings of black Labradors in the hope of it being Lola.

Carole said: “So we carry on. Your amazing army are still helping us as they have from day one, we are so lucky to have them behind us.

“We love you, we need you, we are looking for you.”

To help find Lola, visit:

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