Liquid Leisure: Girl, 11, who died at water park is named

AN 11-year-old girl who died whilst playing on an inflatable assault course in Windsor has been named.

Following the tragic event, a mum has slammed “unprepared” lifeguards who allegedly had to borrow goggles from guests to search for Kyra in the water.

According to the mum visiting the water park at the time, concerns were raised about Kyra at approximately 3pm, but emergency services did not arrive until 3.55pm.

Kyra, who reportedly did not know how to swim, was eventually found in the water at 5.10pm, but tragically could not be saved.

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The mum, who was visiting the water park with her nephew claimed children remained playing in the water for almost an hour after Kyra went missing.

The mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “There was no protocol in place – why were lifeguards having to borrow goggles to search for an 11 year old who can’t swim?

“There seemed to be no protocol for what would happen if someone went missing in the water. All the lifeguards seemed so unprepared.

“I’d taken my nephew there that day, who is the same age as the little girl who drowned, and we’d done kneeboarding before visiting the beach where the assault course was.

“We were on the shore when about eight children got out of the water saying they couldn’t find someone.

“One lifeguard then started asking round to borrow some goggles before going into the water with the children to look for her.

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“The water was still open. There were kids everywhere. More people were still getting in and it took ages for them to close the beach.

“It was almost like nothing was happening – there was no sense of urgency, just a few kids looking round bemused when others were still playing.

“A few more lifeguards got in the water, but others were going on the surface with electric scooters, which obviously creates waves so you can’t see clearly.

“Kids were still doing handstands and splashing, the water wasn’t steady. They should have evacuated the water immediately.

“Lifeguards had to borrow goggles and nobody was using binoculars – why weren’t they equipped with those things?

“There was no tannoy, no alarm sounding, people were still playing, nobody knew what she looked like and nobody was shouting her name.

“It’s natural water, so there’s no deep or shallow end, and the nets don’t go all the way to the floor so she could have easily slipped under the apparatus.

“After about 45 minutes, I told my nephew we needed to leave, I just knew something was wrong. He said he wanted to stay and make sure the girl was alright, but I knew a body would be pulled onto the beach and I didn’t want him to see that.

“We tried to leave in our car but the lifeguards wouldn’t let us in case it was a kidnapping situation. You could hear the family shouting her name becoming more frantic and turning into screaming.

“I would never take my kids to a lake on my own, that’s why people bring their kids here, because there’s lifeguards and it should be safe but it wasn’t.

“They should have evacuated the water immediately. I took my nephew away because he shouldn’t have to see a dead body pulled out of the water, but there were so many other kids in there who would have seen something so awful.

“Accidents happen, you’re in the water, they knew she couldn’t swim, but it took so long for them to take action properly.

“It took almost an hour for them to take it seriously. I was stood there like this can’t work, it won’t work.

“It only takes two minutes to drown, they should have acted faster – maybe there would have been a different outcome.”

Liquid Leisure is being approached for comment.

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