‘Incredibly stoic’ Boys School pupils praised by their head

The Windsor Boys School headteacher Gavin Henderson has insisted that his pupils’ GCSE results yesterday are just as valid as they would have been if they had sat exams in the ordinary way.

In a passionate statement he said: “I am extremely proud of all the students in year 11 this year. They have been incredibly stoic in coping with the unprecedented disruption to their studies.

“The GCSE grades they received today are not plucked out of the air, or worked out by an algorithm; they are the professional judgement of each child’s ability based on years of hard work in classwork and homework, consistent performance in mock exams and day-to-day aptitude in every subject. This year’s students have earned their grades not by chance or whim, but by steady and consistent study over many years, which is just as valid as a final exam as a measurement of each students’ academic ability. Maybe even more valid.”

He thanked all the school’s teachers and pupils’ parents for their contribution.

Students who did particularly well are Max Griffin-Sadler who gained nine grade 9’s and one 8; Harvey Griffin-Sadler who got nine grade 9’s and one 7; Robert Jansen-Spence with eight grade 9’s and two 8’s, Joe Lombardo who got seven grade 9’s and three 8’s, while Charlie Warren gained five grade 9’s, three 8’s and two 7’s.

Overall students achieved a 73 per cent pass rate in English and maths, 84 per cent passed maths and 76 per cent English.

In science 80 per cent passed, in French 86 per cent, history 76 per cent, product design 73 per cent and PE 75 per cent.

The following also did very well: Marcus Chute; Xander Walker; Nathan Gaskell, Freddy Whennell, Freddie Pope, Fabian Quale, Jake Quinn, Gabriel Sajachmetovas, Ishwar Jabble, Zain-Ud-Deen Khan, Jonathan Moore, Matty Sadler, Mate Bagi, Taylor Brown and Sam Lumb who all got a mixture of grades 7, 8, and 9.


* Pupils at Windsor Girls School have coped well with the stresses of the Coronavirus disruption – with 85 per cent achieving grades four or over in English and 83 per cent in maths.

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