Immersive experience StoryTrails heads to Slough this autumn

AN IMMERSIVE experience to show off untold stories in Slough is heading to town this September.

StoryTrails, an immersive storytelling experience, will allow residents to see their town in a completely new way through augmented and virtual reality.

And it has recruited two Slough creatives, Jay Younes and Kenya Scarlett, to create an interactive map and help bring local stories to life.

People will be able to use the new technology to travel back in time, experiencing untold local histories from Slough.

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These stories will be brought to life in the places where they happened, reanimating public spaces and creating a free, entertaining and family-friendly experience.

Kenya, whose family have lived in Slough for years, got involved with StoryTrails because it combined both audio experience and mental health and community work.

“It was the perfect job for me and I’m excited to meet new people and learn about their family history,” Kenya said.

The experience will feature a big interactive map in The Curve library along with VR reality.

Family and friends will be able to come down to the library and see the stories about their communities.

Kenya said there will be a lot of preparation ahead of the map going up in September.

Kenya explained: “I have to do quite a bit of research.

“I will be talking to people, seeing what their stories about Slough are, interview them and then do 3D scans of the story.”

The big project will see around 30 to 40 stories being told.

“I can’t wait to go along to events and getting to know everyone, but also creatively this is such a lovely opportunity,” Kenya added.

Kenya explained the Slough community can expect a mixture of important stories of diversity and mental health as well as fun stories.

“I think people will find the stories very educational, people will hear stuff about women’s rights, mental health, and they can learn a lot from it,” Kenya added.

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StoryTrails will visit just 15 locations across the UK, including Slough on September 3 and September 4. 

Slough Library is hosting an event a VR testing event on March 31 for people to take part on the testing platform.

People can sign up by filling in a sheet inside the library or visit the StoryTrails website to register online.

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