Heathrow Airport speaks out as parking companies still use nearby roads

HEATHROW Airport has spoken out after reports of car parking companies dumping customers cars on nearby roads.

According to residents and businesses, this problem has been ongoing for a while, and it’s recently got worse over the Easter period.

The companies are said to be leaving people’s cars around Langley and Colnbrook without customers knowing.

Heathrow has received comments from residents on this issue.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “No one arriving at Heathrow should be parking in residential streets.

“There are ample public transport options and official parking can be found on our website and we do not endorse unofficial parking operators.

“We will continue to support local authorities in their efforts to deter non-compliant parking on public highways around the airport.”

Slough Observer: Many roads around Langley and Colnbrook are being used to dump airport customers cars. Many roads around Langley and Colnbrook are being used to dump airport customers cars.

The airport also stated that any parking company that leaves cars on residential streets isn’t connected or endorsed by Heathrow in any way.

Councillor Madhuri Bedi (Foxborough) said residents are getting nowhere with the council.

“It’s everywhere around Langley and Colnbrook and it’s getting out of order,” she said.

“One neighbour has even had his drive blocked for four days and all he was told by police was to use his other car to get out and about.”

Over recent weeks, more people have got in touch to say their roads are being affected.

This includes Tamar Way, Humber Way, Thames Road, Seacourt Road, Crown Meadow, Lakeside Road and Linden House.

The council have been contacted for an updated comment.

And if anyone sees anything suspicious, you can report it to the Heathrow community relations team.

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