Furniture Village opens in Slough Retail Park – look inside

A FURNITURE store manager said customers were “delighted” as it officially opened to the public on Slough Retail Park.

Furniture Village reopened on Saturday, March 26 at the retail park on Twinches Lane.

The well-known shop, previously based in a bigger unit on Bath Road Retail Park, now joins other brands including The Range, DFS, Sofology, SCS, Wren Kitchens and Smyths Toys.

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Slough Observer:

General manager Michael Jeje said opening weekend was very busy.

He said: “Everyone was fired up ready to go for the opening, we were very enthusiastic and we had our first customer come in just after 9.30am.

“From then on, all the way until 6pm, it was just non-stop, loads of laughter, loads of engagement and lots of ooh’s and aah’s from people based on what we had on offer.”

Slough Observer: The upstairs with an array of dining tables on display.The upstairs with an array of dining tables on display.

On the ground floor, visitors can browse the range of sofas on display as well as a cafe area for people to enjoy a tea, coffee and a cookie during their visit.

And the upstairs sees multiple beds and dining tables on offer.

Slough Observer:

Mr Jeje added customers were “delighted” the store was bringing something new to the retail park.

When asked what customers can expect from the reopened store, Mr Jeje added: “Customers are going to get a fantastic shopping experience, they will have some of the best ranges in terms of upholstery, beds and dining that’s available on the market.

“The quality of products is exceptional all with a 20-year guarantee and they even get free cookies and coffees at no extra cost.”

Slough Observer: Customers can take a break from browsing and enjoy a free tea or coffee. Customers can take a break from browsing and enjoy a free tea or coffee.

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The store also has an opening offer where customers can get £50 off for every £500 they spend, which Mr Jeje said people have already made use of since the reopening.

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