Fuel crisis: Berkshire ambulance service urges drivers not to panic buy

The Ambulance service has pleaded with drivers not to panic buy fuel as long queues could slow down emergency responses.

The South Central Ambulance Service, which serves both Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, urged drivers to “follow government advice” and not panic buy fuel after its emergency vehicles got stuck in queues yesterday.

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It has also asked drivers to give its ambulances priority at filling stations so they can get back on the road quickly and continue helping patients.

In a social media post, the South Central Ambulance Service said: “It’s been another busy day for our services.

“Every day our teams routinely use petrol stations to refuel vehicles so that we can continue to get to our patients, and, like many, continue to get to work.

“Today they have joined the queues with others to refuel which on some occasions has taken time.

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“Please could we encourage everyone to follow government advice and only refuel should you need to.

“If you do find that you need to join the queue at a station please ensure that others, including emergency vehicles, can continue to pass.”

Drivers are queueing outside petrol stations across the country this weekend as a shortage of HGV drivers means garages are not receiving as much fuel as usual.

The government has urged drivers not to panic buy fuel and transport secretary Grant Shapps has said he would ‘move heaven and earth’ to get the situation sorted.

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