Frimley NHS gives out 10,000 coronavirus vaccines in a month

Frimley Health NHS has given out its 10,000th coronavirus vaccine dose just more than a month after rolling out their protection programme.

The milestone, hailed as an outstanding achievement by a local NHS chief, came when a hospice worker was given her dose at Frimley Health Foundation Trust’s Wexham Park vaccine hub in Slough.

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The Trust — which also runs Heatherwood hospital in Ascot and Frimley Park hospital near Camberley — has been handing out the vaccine to the most vulnerable local people in East Berkshire and Surrey as well as to frontline medical workers.

Speaking about the 10,000th dose achievement, Neil Dardis, Chief Executive of the Trust, praised his colleagues for their work in delivering the vaccines.

He said: “Our team has stepped up like never before to provide this programme.

“We mobilised a team in days across a range of disciplines from pharmacy to emergency planning, education, practice development, and really importantly our admin and booking teams.

“We now have a team of over 30 trained volunteers able to deploy the vaccine and really importantly, a bank of dedicated booking administrative staff. This is a massive logistical challenge.

“I can’t overstate how hard it is to organise all this and get all the logistics organised as well.

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“We gave our first dose on the 8th of December to one of our consultants.

“Being there at the time, it was an incredibly emotional moment and one I will never forget.

“From that point, the team have set about vaccinating the over 80s in our community, care home staff, and indeed many of our frontline staff.

“Just a month later, earlier this week, the team were able to give their 10,000th dose. Which is just phenomenal, an outstanding achievement in such a short space of time.”

Frimley Health NHS celebrated the milestone by posting a picture of the 10,000th recipient on their Facebook page.

Julie, a sister at Thames Hospice, received her dose at the Wexham Park hub on Thursday, January 14.

A Trust report showed 5,785 doses had been given out by Monday, January 4, meaning another 4,215 jabs were delivered in the ten days thereafter.

Of the 5,785 doses given up to January 4, 699 were handed to residents aged 80 and over, 945 were administered to care home staff, and 3939 were delivered to Trust staff.

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The report suggests the Wexham Park hub is now capable of delivering 500 vaccine doses every day.

Lorna Wilkinson, a Trust chief who is spearheading the vaccination programme locally, said those administering the vaccine were giving doses in very short amounts of time.

She said: “They work incredibly hard in that hub to give a vaccine every five minutes in each of those lanes. It’s incredible.”

The Trust hopes to vaccinate all 7,600 of its frontline staff by the end of January based on the current rate of delivery.

Ms Wilkinson continued: “This is a big task. We’ve set ourselves that over the next two weeks, by the end of the month, we want all of our staff to have had their first vaccination for covid-19.

“In parallel, we’re trying to get as many staff from our partner organisations vaccinated too.”

Ms Wilkinson and Mr Dardis were speaking at a meeting of the Frimley Health Foundation Trust board on Friday, January 15.

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