Fraud victim ignores police and insists fake video is ‘not a scam’

A man who has been tricked into sending £85,000 to a fraud account has said it is ‘his right to take the risk for possible rewards’.

After being sent a fake online video promoting an investment oppertunity, the customer made a transfer of £50,000 to purchase Crypto currency via the account number in the video.

His local bank froze the mans account stopping the payment after their Fraud Department confirmed the account receiving the transfer was fraudulent.

An investigation confirmed that they were aware this account was being used for fraud, and thus the transfer flagged up and stopped.

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Thames Valley Police said: “The customer revealed that he was sending the money, because he had received an online video, showing Martin Lewis promoting this investment as a brilliant deal with an account number to send the money. 

“This video has been shown to be fake and Martin Lewis’ team have confirmed this.

After speaking with the Fraud department and the police, the customer refused to listen and insisted his account be unblocked and transfer made.

The customer also confirmed that he had already transferred £5,000 from another bank account.

Having already invested a great deal of money in the company, he was told by them that he could not retrieve it until he sent another £21,000 for the release.

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A spokesman from Thames Valley Police added: “After long discussions, the victim said that even if it was a scam, it was his right to take the risk. 

“He was willing to risk the £85,000 he had sent so far as the possible rewards, would be huge.  He could not be convinced that this was a fraud – even after being told it was by the bank and the police.

“If you get or have seen this video purporting to be Martin Lewis – BIN IT – IT IS A SCAM.”

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