Five British Television Award shows with links to Berkshire

WITH this year’s National Television Awards coming back around this September, we have listed some of the nominees for one of the nation’s favourite events who have links or make reference to the boroughs in Berkshire.

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1.   Race Across the World


Slough Observer:

This show takes the viewer on a journey across the world, following five pairs of contestants that have to travel without internet, smartphones, credit cards, or by flying in planes.

Last year, Reading couple Jen and Rob took on the challenge, making it to the final of the series and losing by a mere 20 seconds after 54 days of travelling.

Since the show, Rob said the pair had been “inundated with messages of support” which Jen has described as “wonderful”.


2. After Life


Slough Observer:


After Life is Reading-born comedian Ricky Gervais’ latest TV series for Netflix, detailing the darkly-comedic tale of a man dealing with grief after tragically losing his wife to cancer.

The actor, who was first made famous to Audiences with hit-series The Office, was later made notorious for his hilariously scathing speeches as host for the Golden Globes. 

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3. The Great British Bake Off


Slough Observer:


The Great British Bake Off, a baking competition television show with a highly dedicated audience, was for many years shot in the grounds of Welford Park, Newbury.

However, the show is more commonly linked with Berkshire by its youngest ever contestant to win, former Sunningdale resident Martha Collinson, who won the series back in 2014 when she was only 17 years old.


4. Bridgerton


Slough Observer:


This historical romance series set in Regency-era England has been trying to film a second series in Berkshire, but has faced a series of setbacks from councillors for both Windsor and Maidenhead, and Bracknell Forest.

The Netflix hit show submitted a planning application to move film sets on Crown Land, east of Swinley Road, Ascot, back in December 2020, however the Bracknell Forest Council’s decision is still pending. 

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has strongly opposed the planning application, as concerns have arisen regarding the wildlife’s safety in the area.


5. I Hate Suzie


Slough Observer:


I Hate Suzie is a comedy-drama starring Billie Piper as Suzie Pickles, the titular character whose celebrity and personal life are turned upside down after her phone is hacked and compromising pictures of her are leaked.

The series makes references to the main Character being from Reading, with her best friend and manager hailing from Caversham.

The single-season show is available to watch on Amazon Prime.  

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