Fears of repeat floods in George Green when weather turns

FEARS are still raging that flooding which saw “raw sewage” running in the streets could impact residents once more when the weather turns bad again.

A resident of George Green Road near Wexham said they are fearful “a day or two of rain” would see a repeat of last week in which roads were flooded by water and ‘waste’.

Slough Observer:

PICTURED: A Google Map image of the area of George Green 

They said it was ‘three days before Buckinghamshire Council deployed sandbags’ to residents to ward off floodwater – “but only if you requested them”.

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They claimed the area has flooded ‘four times in the past year’.

Slough Observer:

PICTURED: The roads are full of water, making driving very difficult

They said despite drains being dredged on Sunday gutters are still high with floodwater and should another bout of bad weather strike they would be in “the same situation”.

Thames Water said the recent bad weather saw sewers bearing more wastewater than they have capacity for and “the system is full”. It said it sympathises with those affected.

“For the past three days…raw sewage floating past my house,” the resident wrote online on January 30.

“This is the fourth time in one year this road has been flooded yet nothing is being done about this.”

Slough Observer:

RESIDENT: “A day or two of rain and it will be the same situation”

They added: “We called an out of hours number for Bucks Council and they delivered [sandbags]… but only if you requested them…[and] they could see some houses that did not call were taking on water.

“A few of the drains were dredged on Sunday night, but the water level of the gutters is still at the top. A day or two of rain and it will be the same situation.”

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A spokesperson for Thames Water said: “We understand sewer flooding is unpleasant and disruptive and we sympathise with everyone affected by flooding caused by the recent heavy rainfall.

“The sheer amount of rain over the weekend means our sewers are carrying far more wastewater than they have capacity for and the system is full.

“We work hard to keep sewers clear and flowing well and have a comprehensive maintenance programme which saw a record 900km of sewers cleaned last year, with plans to go even further in the future.

“We’ve also begun trialling the latest sewer monitor technology so we can detect build-ups of cooking fat and wet wipes in our pipes more quickly and help prevent flooding caused by these types of blockages.”

Buckinghamshire Council was approached for comment.

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