Customers slam ‘worst ever’ Slough McDonald’s on Bath Road

A MCDONALD’S in Slough has been slammed as one of the “worst ever” with “awful standards” and “cold food”.

Disgruntled customers of McDonald’s on Bath Road, Slough deemed the restaurant to be among the worst in Slough, with eight one-star reviews.

Taking to Google Reviews, unsatisfied foodies slammed the chain as “appalling” with “slow service”.

On one occasion, a furious customer claimed his chips tasted like chemicals, saying the service is awful to never having ‘hot drink’s or milkshakes.

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The restaurant received an overall rating of 3.6 stars, with 2,105 total reviews.

To let you be the judge, we complied some of the worst one-star reviews.


They said: “Fizzy drinks were flat, order was wrong, and the sauce in my fillet a fish was in the box not on my burger, no salt on fries… what more can I say.”

Deliveroo chaos

“Need to make deliveroo/uber eats staff wait outside or have a serving hatch. Literally whole restaurant just full of drivers standing around.

“Makes eating in customers and take away customers que outside while they all just walk straight in.”

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‘Keep away from this McDonald’s in Slough’

The customer said: “My 4x fries was cold, my coffee was cold! I ask for a happy meal but when I went to pick up my food at the last window I was told that I didn’t pay for my happy meal! I also ask for ice in my son’s Coca Cola but I had to go back to tell them to add the ice!

“I had to walk back to get all my order right! Totally ridiculous!”

‘Food never hot’

“Won’t be using this particular McDonald’s again. Food never hot, never got the drinks we want – caramel frappe or ice-creams – and have stitched us up twice now on drive through take-out when ordering apple pies – paid for them (4 in total now).”

‘Poorly run’

“Missing items on the menu. Inside looked like a tip. I was told to wait by the table ( all packed ), told to collect next, so I waited patiently only to be told to wait by the table again. Food took ages.

“Won’t be visiting this joint again. Not a big fun of MC’s anyway but this was the worst experience by a mile. Poorly run.”

However, one diner thinks this McDonald’s is the ‘best in Berkshire’.

‘Best in Berks’

They said: “One of the best McDees in Berks. Very friendly staff and food was amazing and really hot burgers and chips.

“Almost looked like the picture!”

McDonald’s was approached for a comment but did not respond in time of publication.

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