Coronavirus: Find the latest Covid death figures by postcode in Berkshire

DOZENS of postcode areas across Berkshire have recorded excess deaths during the coronavirus pandemic with some neighbourhoods seeing more than twice as many residents die than would have been expected.

For the first time, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published a report on monthly excess deaths across the 7,201 neighbourhoods in England and Wales.

The report breaks down the fatalities in the middle-layer super output areas – MSOAs – with an average population of about 8,000.

The only neighbourhood in Bracknell Forest to record fewer Covid-19 deaths up to April 2021 was Chavey Down and Ascot (-29%).

Other areas in the borough saw an increase in deaths.

Crown Wood saw nine more deaths than normal (64 per cent) and the area which recorded the most deaths was Central Bracknell and Wildridings at 21, an excess of 54 per cent.

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Reading Central also recorded a high number of deaths between March 2020 and April 2021 with 13 more deaths than normal, an excess of 54 per cent.

Possibly one of the highest areas in Reading to have recorded deaths from Covid-19 was Lower Caversham with 17 more than last year.

Over in the Royal Borough, Boyn Hill and Norrey’s Drive recorded six more deaths than usual .

Maidenhead Highway recorded 28 more deaths than normal, an excess of 50 per cent.

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To find out the number of Covid deaths in your area, scroll down for the checker and enter your postcode

Deaths registered at an MSOA level were published monthly until April 2021.

It comes as ONS has said today that a total of 155,133 deaths have now occurred in the UK where Covid was mentioned on the death certificate.

The highest number of deaths to occur on a single day was 1,484 on January 19.

During the first wave of the pandemic, the daily toll peaked at 1,461 deaths on April, 8 2020.

It comes as a further 138 fatalities were recorded today – seven more than the 131 logged last Tuesday, which was the highest in four months.

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