Campaign launched for permanent mural to showcase black people from Slough

HUNDREDS of people are calling for a permanent mural to celebrate the lives of black people who have made significant contributions in Slough.

The petition on started by Anita Herbert already has more than 1,000 signatures with many members of the community supporting it.

It comes after Slough town centre displayed artwork showcasing four local heroes during Black History Month in 2020.

Langley-based writer Christina Brooks-Abraham wanted to tell the stories of some of the town’s black role models in a bid to change negative perceptions of the black community.

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She also teamed up with artist Calvin Ruan to bring her stories to life in a display on the shop windows of HOME Slough in the Queensmere Observatory.

Anita hopes to have a permanent mural as part of Slough’s regeneration to honour the significant differences they made to the town and its economy.

She wrote online: “Black people have made significant contributions to Slough since the 1940s. I am Slough born and bred and am proud of the contributions I have made to its communities and economy.

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“As a black person growing up in Slough, watching my parents and others of their generation doing their best to support the community, I have found it difficult to understand why through their many trials, there is no physical or visible evidence in Slough that represents them or the contributions they have made.

“After the success of the artwork showcasing four local heroes for a month in 2020, I think that it’s only right that a permanent one is featured in central Slough as part of its regeneration and development. Black people have made a significant difference to Slough and its economy.

“In addition, it would show where Slough stands in our fight for racial equality and recognition of the contributions made by black communities, past, present and future. This will also help to raise the aspirations of our young people, let them see who they can be.”

She claims there is no physical evidence showcasing the work black people have brought to the town and hopes local authorities and businesses will back the campaign.

Visit: to sign.

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