BYGONES: Drivers ‘stuck’ in 11,000ltr glue spill

A REPORT by the Slough and District Civic Society listed many local eyesores in 1986, with the worst areas being around the town centre.

The deliberately damning survey highlighted litter, racist graffiti and vandalism, which had been compiled over several months, in the hope of shaming local people into doing something about it.

Speaking to the Observer, Civic Society secretary Roy Whibley admitted: “We are one of the most prosperous towns in the country, but we have one of the worst problems and are sloppy- Slough has no civic pride.”

Five police officers from C Division- which covered the area from Windsor to Slough- were ‘fighting the flab’ 34 years ago, to raise money for the NSPCC, as part of a UK campaign.

The sponsored slimmer’s who happily (?) posed for the Observer camera included Chief Supt. George Hedges from Slough station.

Former pop star Cat Stevens, who since 1979 was known as Yusaf Islam, talked to a packed audience at Slough teachers’ Centre about the importance of prayer in the Muslim Faith.

It had been six years since he turned his back on fame and fortune to devote himself full time to his chosen religion and he told the audience: “I could no longer reconcile the salesmanship and self- glorification of being a pop star with the humble and dignified life of a Muslim.”

Motorists in Chalvey were ‘stuck in traffic’ for a very good reason when a 32- ton juggernaut overturned and spilt its 11,000-litre load of glue all over the road.

Much of the sticky glue flowed down into Chalvey village, forming a 100 square foot puddle across the High Street.

Slough Fire Station commander, Kevin Kaye told the Observer: “Luckily, it is not a very strong glue so there will be no hazard for motorists.”

When Observer reader Marion Percy picked up her copy of the paper (to read a review) she was touched by the story of an abandoned dog, who faced being put down, unless he could find new owners.

Marion explained: “My family have been wanting a dog for a long time, I got out of my sick bed to see Gavik, my children have fallen in love with him, he is a lovely dog!”

Over 800 guests at the Lord Mayor of London’s banquet at The Guildhall were served by Slough College catering students in 1986, part of a scheme to give ‘hands on’ experience.

Along with two other colleges from Folkestone and Farnborough, they served food and wine to dozens of tables for a catering firm from Colnbrook.

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