BYGONES: Conker challenge is in full swing

FORMER New Seekers pop singer, Lynn Paul, helped ‘bang the drum’ for the Generation Theatre Group’s new production of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ 41 years ago, when she posed for publicity photos.

Lynn grabbed the drumstick of Band Sergeant Major Sam Spowart, to give the show a boost at its launch party at the Fulcrum, Slough.

Musical Director, Tony Knott, told the Observer: “We chose this venue because it is just the right size and has lovely facilities.

“We have always been welcomed here and the staff are very professional.”

The conker season was in full swing in 1979, when the finals of the Slough and District Cubs competition were held in St. Ethelbert’s Church Hall.

Teams of three cubs from each pack in the area took part in the tournament.

It was hosted by the recently formed pack, 10th Slough, based at the Licensed Victuallers School.

Despite having his conker knocked from his grasp, nine-year-old cub Kevin McIntosh (pictured), went on to ‘best’ his opponent, Shaun Elwell, in the final.

The Observer, as part of its series highlighting local areas, focussed on Langley and its surrounding parishes.

Originally part of the Crown Estates, Langley began as four small clearing in called “Lang Leah” or long wood, these were called Horsemoor Green, Sawyers Green, Middle Green and George Green.

The nave of St. Mary’s was built in 1150 and all the parish activities centred on the church, in 1609 the famous Kedermister Library and pew were constructed.

Lady Kedermister was deeply interested in medical remedies and her cures for dog bites, nose bleeds, bad breath and freckles can still be found in the library’s records.

Legendary entertainer, Roy Castle, held a fund-raising tribute to Lisa Lear, a sixteen-year-old girl who had lost her battle with blood cancer earlier in 1979.

Lisa had wanted to become a professional dancer and had previously danced with him at the Fulcrum during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Her mother, Suzanne Lear told the Observer: “She had a great chat with Roy after the show and her told her she looked like Barbra Streisand, they got on very well together.”

4th Slough Cubs were gearing up for Halloween by feasting on devil’s blood and bats wings- a concoction resembling tomato soup and bread.

During their spooky evening the cubs wandered around the darkened classrooms of Montem First School, Chalvey, whilst spine-chilling tapes of sound effects, such as shrieking and creaking doors, were being played.

A long serving cook supervisor, Frances Hobbs, at Montem Middle School, celebrated her retirement after 19 years with the school, having been with the ‘meals service’ for 32 years.

During a special morning assembly, Mrs. Hobbs was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a cut-glass rose bowl.

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