Blaze at former mayor’s farm causes more than £50,000 damage

A massive blaze at the farm of former Royal Borough mayor Colin Rayner that caused more than £50,000 worth of damage may have been started deliberately.

Firefighters from Slough and Langley rushed to Berkyn Manor Farm in Stanwell Road, Horton at 2am this morning after neighbours reported seeing flames.

Two trailers worth £30,000 with 90 bales of hay worth £1,800 on them were destroyed, along with two grain trailers worth £20,000.

Mr Rayner praised firefighters who worked all night and into today to bring the blaze under control, after first breaking into one of the nearby workers’ caravans to ensure no-one was sleeping inside.

Mr Rayner said: “They stopped the fire reaching the workers’ caravans, the stable block or a nearby petrol pump which would have been really disastrous. The house could easily have been destroyed.”

He believes the fire was started deliberately, saying: “The straw had only been bailed yesterday and would need to have been stored for three or four weeks to become easily combustible.

“We are in the middle of harvesting the corn but fortunately the combine header that actually cuts it was not damaged and other farmers have been kind enough to come forward and lend us trailers.”

He praised his cousin John who was the first to receive the phone call about the fire and stayed all night helping the firefighters.

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