Bizarre sights seen in the skies above Berkshire this year

BERKSHIRE is no stranger to weird happenings and strange sightings.

From ‘UFO’ sightings in the skies to weird lights shining at night, there have been plenty of weird things spotted in the skies this year.

A spinning disk and star-like object moving quickly through the sky were also spotted this year.

As we head towards 2023, we’ve rounded up the stranger things spotted above Berkshire. You can take a look at what was spotted below.

The mysterious blue light in the sky

Slough Observer:

A mysterious blue light seen in the early hours of the morning on March 12 got people talking all over social media.

The strange blue glow was spotted moving in Woodley with aliens as the first theory offered up on social media.

It remains a mystery as to what the blue lights are – which are seen every now and then over Reading.

Strange orange lights

Slough Observer:

Strange orange lights were seen in the skies above Reading leaving residents ‘in awe’ back in January 2022.

The ‘mysterious’ beam turned the clouds orange and could be seen as far away as Wokingham at 5am.

Onlookers speculated it could be UFOs or the Bat-Signal, but the most convincing suggestion was the light was caused by lamps used to grow grass at the Select Car Leasing Stadium.



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